Loosen The Grip

photo credit: code poet via photopin cc

photo credit: code poet via photopin cc

This theory, concept, thought, idea, mind, ego, wall, barrier, cant do that, shouldnt, have no business, dont know, cant see, wish I was anywhere else, failure, less than, idiot, someone’s hand grasping, dead weight, holding on, pulling me under like a drowning man and I’m dead.  Shit.  That’s some planet, some gigantic intergalactic cantankerous collection of garbage, sucubous, like an ancient entity, devised to seek and destroy; the Undertoad.  Sucking the dead terrain out of me, bringing it alive.  One big cosmic asshole.  Let go.  Loosen the grip, one finger at a time and the Undertoad blinking dust from its mouth, mis-appears.  Just like that. One breath, one release.  Cria, awakening, grace, relief, holding space for ‘wonderful, wonderful, wonderful me’ naming something I like, naming and claiming again and again until the room, my heart, my eyes, realize (real eyes) joy.  That’s the practice, the enticement, the charm, creation of: Life.  Faith.  Love.

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