I am here to speak the unspeakable.  I am here to speak that which cannot be spoken.  I am speaking the unspeakable in the hopes that you might speak it too.  Because if I speak that which cannot be spoken and you speak it in here, it might be spoken out there.  And if it is spoken out there, others might speak too.  Find their voice and speak their truth and live.  To speak the unspeakable changes me, changes you and because of that, changes the world.

I am speaking that which cannot be spoken knowing, knowing, because in the past they came, knowing that when I speak they will come, they will bring their words, veiled threats and punishing anger.  And knowing if I speak they will kill me.  But knowing too, and this is a deeper knowing, that if I don’t speak, I die.

So here on the precipice, I am perched, ready to jump and if I descend to my death, I have lived in the moment, the brief flight of my truth, my voice and yours, speaking that which cannot be spoken, becoming that which must be spoken, that which must be said.  In that voice, in that divine right to speak, it is born.  The sound, the word, the truth and because it is brought into existence, birthed, realized, (real eyes) has life, has voice, is spoken.

Speak the unspeakable.  Speak what cannot be spoken.  That I might speak it too.



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    1. Adrienne Alexander Post author

      I wrote a book, called The More Love Club. You can go to my website and look at the plot description. http://www.themoreloveclub.com Buy it! Its available in ebook or hardcopy. Although I chose not to name names, I wrote about a love story set against the background of abuse. I spoke the unspoken, so that others might speak it too.


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