The Observation Created by the Observing

Quarks, Bosons, the things of Quantum Physics, so small they can’t be seen, but leave traces.  Shadows of imagination, waiting to be birthed, created.  The infinitesimal, so tiny it is nearly non manifest, shows up, smaller than the smallest particle, a bare sliver of light, not even, emits when we put our attention on it.  The Quark, Boson, that which precedes the becoming of a neutron, proton, before moleculer, atom, (or Adam, first man), is only present, only seeable, if we see it.  As we notice, attend to the possibility of its existence, it appears.  That we look for it, makes it seeable and causes it to be!  This is science.  Evidence of our observation being the energy emitted that is causation.  Our seeing causes it to come into being.  Data.  Proof.  We are the observer, observing the observation, the creator, creating the creation of this present reality, bringing that which is non-manifest into being. And as we attend it, (because it is also Scientifically proven that there is no structure inherently different from any other except in our seeing), we assign it affect, such as gold, silver, turquoise, root, leaf, jasmine, source, earth, ocean, egret, owl, lava, limonite, mustard seed, fire, wind, heaven, cosmos.  Quantum, Quark, Boson exist, because in the observation of it, we are it’s general and specific causation.  And because we are made up of Quark and Boson, we are not only the observer observing the observation, we are the observation created by the observing.  What we choose to put our attention on is the causation, the creation of, the manifestation of all.  ALL.  Including self.  Crazy, right?  So.  Being that you are the causation of your entire universe, what will you choose, see, observe, create, make manifest?


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