Pop The Qwiff of You

You are quantum.  The wave.  Going out.  The function of motion.  And in that offering, causing ripples, circles, like pebbles landing in a pond, creating patterns radiating toward the edge, and when they hit, return, resound, re-sounding, re-waving, ‘hello,’ the signal, now an echo of the original wave, the original self, having traveled through time, literally, (from the pebble to the pond’s edge and back), the wave, which is you, waiting to pop itself, pop the qwiff (quantum wave function) of you, into future self, having traveled from here now to there and back, sends its message, from there to the you beyond.  The wave of possibility, the opportunity that already exists, having peered into the future, returns and waits for the echo, the energy to ripple back an answer.  And when you still your mind, open your heart, and listen, you can hear the question, you can hear it call you, the qwiff, which is future you, the possibility of you, the self waiting to be born anew, sounding, rippling, effecting now, that you might answer, now, and change everything, past, present and future.  And because you hear it, you must.  And what will you answer?  What will you say?

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