The Light is Everywhere

The trick is to receive the light.  Because you are limitless possibility, overabundant creativity, unbridled resource, supernatural energy, endless power, enormous perfection and superb light of being.  Connected to source, in love, beyond mind, in waking imagining (I magi; giving gift of self to self), essence of life, you are supreme healing, pure and overflowing.  Receive it.  Open your arms.  Inside the vastness of your heart, this precious good flowing within and without, like your very breath, the inhale and the receiving of that life force is you, your power.  Arms wide.  Heart open.  The light is everywhere.  All around and through, your spirit, soul, body and mind.  Receive.  Activate.  Let the light pour within and without.  Allow the healing of your being, that which mends all tears, breaks, holes in the energy of you, become the revolution.  Know that.  And receive.  Bow before it’s warmth, like liquid love.  Saying, ‘Thank you more please.’  Again and again.  Receive the light that is you.

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