Death or Death

Inside this box; the mind, rules and laws, beliefs, contracts with culture, (cult you are), opinions, judgment, there’s no air, legs cramped, my neck hurts and my shoulders are up to my ears.  My third eye, the intuit, heart wanders, making me stand, chin above the corners.  I’m ready.  Or not.  Looking out makes me dizzy.  Circles, organisms, real life out there and when I breath the oxygen floats like water, moving, living, alive.  Shit.  If I jump I die.  But if I don’t jump this mind crap is going to kill me.  Die to my old self or plummet into the abyss.  Death or death.  I gotta jump.  My life is out there.  Liquid.  Flowing, beyond the box, beyond the mind.  JUMP.  For fuck sake JUMP.

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