Speak Love

Because I am speaking, voicing my truth, culture, (cult you are), assumes I’m angry.  And the more I speak the more it seems important to stay out of the battle, apparently of my own making.  Yet, spirit urges me, at the risk of upsetting, creating wave, making others unhappy, judging me, to stir this pot.  I am speaking with my heart, not from armor, cover, but excited by the possibility, the investigation, movement of energy, to be happy, not right … and sometimes wonder if we stopped fueling the anger, the fight and loved the choices in front of us, because they are in front of us, we might change the face of our lives, our world.  We are being given the responsibility, (the ability to respond), as honor, grace, the opportunity for reprieve.  What if we loved our ability to respond?  What if we spoke to ensure our children’s futures and their children’s children’s futures for the next seven generations?  The next seven generations.  What if we spoke, not from greed or self interest, or fear, regardless, (regarding less) what others thought, but knowing, knowing that if we take care of our planet and its people, there is always enough?  Always.  All ways.  What if we spoke from love?


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