You are Diamond

You are like a diamond.  Polish it, get the smudges off, and there’s clarity.  The clares.  Clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance…   True seeing due to extreme blindness, the kind that feels it’s way in the dark, knowing that slight lack of clarity, delving deeper into the unknown is the knowing.  Look again.  Because like all real diamonds, there’s imperfection.  The human-ness, the perfect imperfect, that makes it real.  The need to polish, to experience the self back, the motion of emotion, connecting you to totality, cosmic or not, in love, in service, imperfectly.   And in that clearing, spit and polish, begin to realize, real eyes, that the imperfection is perfect.


5 thoughts on “You are Diamond

    1. Adrienne Alexander Post author

      Thank you so much for the compliment and the recommendation. I know of James Van Praaagh, but not read him. I will look at those. The classes I teach involve what I call a channel, higher self, but lately it has felt at times like mediumship. And of course the universe would send you to nudge me to become more involved there. Thank you!

      1. Michaela Wiley

        of course the universe would do that! that sounds very interesting. Reading James Van Praagh is what woke me up, and I’m sure you know what I mean by that! I have a couple friends that are true mediums, it’s been amazing to watch. Good luck to you!

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