The World Becoming Naked

photo credit: canonsnapper via photopin cc

photo credit: canonsnapper via photopin cc

People only speak for one of two reasons.  Either to conceal or reveal.  And that which they are trying to conceal, reveals everything.  So they’re always revealing.  What they conceal is the roadmap of their fears, (covered by scorn, pretense, judgement,) underneath which is their heart’s desire.  When they are pointing at you, shaming, blaming, they are trying to distract you, put you off the scent, the trail of information, the fear of lack, pointing directly to their most precious dreams.  You see, its never personal.  Its always about them.  People may tell you they are responding to you, but they are always speaking themselves in or out of existence.  And what would happen if you looked at that?  Really looked at them?  Looked at their concealing/revealing like the directional that it is, into the inner world of the person speaking?  What would happen if you set your ego aside, held the space for other and looked with compassion, not just to love them, but love yourself, knowing that you too, often speak to conceal and reveal?  What if, in the world becoming naked, you not only allow other, but yourself to live out loud?  Could you do it?  Would you do it?  When?

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