A Reversible Ego

We consider our personality, our ‘Who Am I’ to be ours, permanent, like a rudder, guidance system attached to the sun and moon, all things true north.  But what if your ‘Who Am I’ is a hat you put on, or take off?  What if you are shy, gregarious, affable, distant, engaging, uncertain, sensitive, creative, talented, persistent, at will?  What if the qualities you identify as yours and theirs become interchangeable, qualities that you, on a runway, use to strike a pose, evoke a mood?  What if you sport a ‘Disposable Who Am I’, a reversible ego, allowing you to be visible and invisible whenever it serves?  Rendering you the ability of becoming anything, or anyone at any given time?  Would you travel beyond imagination, beyond the speed of light, becoming the magic in the carpet ride?  Would you dare to play, lift the veil and see yourself in the possibility of all thing and no thing at all?

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