Save Yourself, Save the Planet

photo credit: CarlMilner via photopin cc

photo credit: CarlMilner via photopin cc

Cosmic consciousness, expanded awareness is evolution.  It’s relevant.  Our transcending old idea, informs DNA, which makes survival possible.  In transmuting, preferring enlightened choice, the paradigm shift is then, a very real, visceral swim upstream against the current of our perceived body of knowledge, allowing natural selection to take place, in every cell of the body, (this body and the cosmic body).  The Arctic Bear, becoming aware that in order to hunt more efficiently, needs a white coat to blend into it’s icy surroundings, once brown, is now the Polar Bear.  The fittest.  To balance the system (our personal system, eco-system and cosmic system), we must expand, grow beyond the known, if our species, our planet is to live.  Life propagates through the disbelief of our belief systems.  Present paradigm dissolution, makes way for true cosmic awakening, the natural selection, reconfiguration of our DNA, this planet’s DNA, that we might not only survive, but thrive.  Wake up.  Connect to source, to spirit, totality.  Save yourself, save the planet.  Transcend.  Evolve.

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