Exposing the Boogie Man

photo credit: rachel a. k. via photopin cc

photo credit: rachel a. k. via photopin cc

At each level of the process, the process we call life, that many are now calling enlightenment, there are issues, unresolved, consuming energy, light, (like boogie men under the bed), not only that they survive, but including the energy it takes for you to suppress them. So at each stage of the ascent that you are ultimately making toward this enlightenment, if you want expanded view as well as increased altitude, (and the larger the field of vision, the greater opportunity for light: enlightenment) you’ll need to discover and uncover the unrealized lie of the mind (ie: pretending there is no boogie man when he just stole your energy bar) in order that you have the attention units to focus on the climb. In the safety net provided by an experienced listener, one who sees and holds dear the fierce and total brilliance (light) within you, the non-judgmental hearing of your lie, (which is the denial of the boogie man and the energy used to suppress him), releases the psychological aspect, (things we call anxiety, depression, etc) allowing you to take back your energy bar, pull out the rug from under the boogie man and expose him to the light, your light, the brilliance of your truth. And because the boogie man feeds off darkness, (the lie of the mind, disavowal, denial) the light shed depletes his field of influence and you move upward. Freeing attention units, telling your truth, shedding light on the boogie man, the lie of the mind, dis-assembles the beast and the hold he has over you.  In seeking enlightenment, (exposing all the boogie men), it is important to remember, as you journey upward, you are the light, you are the brilliance that is the enlightenment you seek.

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