The DNA Spiral Dynamic

photo credit: Alvy via photopin cc

photo credit: Alvy via photopin cc

Encoded in our DNA is the history of mankind. What if our ancestors, who carrying the markers for the flame of attention were pointing to the evolution of man, you, me, this planet and all others? What if his story, her story, the potential of all that is wondrous and relevant, regardless, (regarding less yet with great respect for our survival, our reptilian brain) our ancestors fear, meaning-making, based on the mythology of the current beliefs, (be alive system) containing the emotional and spiritual components of both slavery and freedom, was held in every cell of our bodies, physical, spiritual and cosmic? What if, instead of believing, (be living) the fear, you saw it, re-cognized it, as the DNA (spiral dynamic) meant to raise you up, higher and higher, until at the highest rung, seeing all that brought you to this elevated statehood, including the fear and the dream body, bowing, head below heart you disregarded none of it, but realized (real eyesed) the opportunity, that knowing your history, the fear that then kept you safe, now keeps you small? What if the same chemistry of fear that issues warning, also provides the energy to push you through it? What if encoded in our DNA is not only the history of mankind but it’s future?


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