Holding On, Holding Space, Holding Still

photo credit: Chung Ho Leung via photopin cc

photo credit: Chung Ho Leung via photopin cc

If you are playing Family Expanding, (which is Family of Man: including the irritating, opinionated, despicable and also those who cut you off and give you the finger on the freeway), Family Expanding, then you will need to learn to hold space. Holding space as an art form, as a practice, becomes not only a way to gather information, a way to create balance, but it allows you to sit in front of anyone, anything, maintaining center, intention, integrity, the undeniable, indelible, presence of you. Beyond mind, this is possible. Beyond ego, need, all thought, you hold, hold, hold, until the space created is simple being, Family Expanding, embracing, holding and holding still, (because what you are really holding is yourself, to a higher standard and in doing so, holding greater space for self as well as other). As life’s purpose, Family Expanding, becomes life. Holding space, the air you and we all, breath. Thank you for playing.


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