Be Sense Able

After the experience, which has been given by the Universe as it is meant to be received, the mind will want to define and make ‘Sense’ of it. The mind will tell you that due to its intellectual ability (which is often fear masquerading as reason), that mind needs to have understanding. But the experiential, just as it has been delivered to you, is the Sense of it. This present moment of falling from your known self into the unknown self, as you are committing to the thrill, the risk of going beyond the mind, has and will employ all the Senses, just as it is meant to be communicated. In wanting to keep the experience integral it becomes important to observe the search engine, (the mind) which seeks to define your life experience, your life, your you. Life, real life, moves, downloads throughout the body, throughout you in total awareness when untouched by mind. In order to continue to receive that which the Universe is sending, when you find yourself defining, a life, a relationship, or a self, observe, watch the mind, the need to make Sense of it, instead of Sense it. See if you can realize the limitation. To define yourself, other, your life, might be to confine. Open the blinders, widen, expand, your field of vision. Accept what the Universe is sending without filter. Come to your Senses. All of them.

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