Mighty Gatekeepers

As we traverse this terrain of existence, tracing the experience that we call ‘life’, it becomes important to be aware of the two great gatekeepers, namely Self-Importance and Self-Pity. If we are to transcend ego and achieve the awareness that totality invites, we must go beyond mind, the ideas that mind uses to distract, (Self-Importance and Self-Pity), that we may find the deeper purpose within each of us. Regarding less, Self-Importance and Self-Pity when speaking life into existence is not only the challenge, but the outcome, because when one of us finds freedom from these Mighty Gatekeepers (Self-Importance and Self-Pity), we have built the muscular structure to manifest, and inherent in that, is creation itself; a channel where nothing sticks, but only flows, no ego, but throughout the cosmos, a world of being.

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