Shields Up and Hearts Open!

photo credit: gajowy via photopin cc

photo credit: gajowy via photopin cc

Once you see it, you can’t not.  Expansion, enlightenment (lighting up) that which is there.  And everyone has cover, obnoxious opinions, judgment, ticks, warts, barnacles and mind’s ideas.  Wow.  This is awake.  Ignorance is actually bliss.  And transcendence, messy, the seeing, no shield, no blindness, just life, raw, unmasked, the kind that hurts.  Welcome to awareness.  No time for self pity, or self importance, wrap yourself in metaphysical cloth, send out quills of light, protecting and reflecting out the darkness.  Tend to the enlightenment, (that which is meant to light up), regardless, (regarding less) the cover and opinions.  Because knowing it’s there, the lower energy, the vampire, non organic entity bellowing ‘Tis the Season, Lack People, Lack!’ allows you to stop feeding it and by investing fully in your own self worth, you do your part.  Achieving the greatest and most powerful of spiritual (spirit you are all) juxtapositions.  Right now.  Shields Up and Hearts Open!


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