You are an Antenna

Those able to evolve and grow are sensitive to the environment. The sensitive, or empath, when interacting with a dying planet, reacts. As our world becomes sicker, those able to evolve respond by evidencing symptoms.  These symptoms are actually the reflection of a world environment that is failing. Many empaths are diagnosed as anxious, depressed, mentally impaired, psychotic, bi-polar or worse. If you are one who is sensitive, and able to evolve, you may be feeling dis-eased. It is understandable. Your body is sounding a warning call. It is time to evolve, (ie: get back in touch with the eco-system within and without) or die. You are not the patient. You are its mouthpiece.  The identified patient is our skies, oceans, atmosphere, animal, plant and marine life.  From inside our structured houses, apartments, cities and technological disconnect, the world is crying out and we feel it.  Our culture calls it, ‘Social Anxiety Disorder, Chronic Depression, Mood Instability, ADD, ADHD ad infinitum.’  Our culture medicates which suppresses the alert. And if we ignore the call, we die. So, if you are having a response, if you are having dis-ease, know that you are not ill. You are an empath. You are an antenna, picking up the signal. Your symptom stems from a global level of awareness. The world is using your body, your mind and your soul as a warning. The endangered world is speaking through you. Your mission then is to be who you are. Grow, evolve. Be integral. Lead the way. Seek the greater truth. You are exactly who you are meant to be. Don’t listen to a culture that wants to identify you as the patient. Listen to the world, which has appointed you its savior.


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