kingstanford7n-2-webPublicly right now, there is an outpouring of sympathy, shock, disappointment with the system, anger, outrage and frustration over the decision in the Brock Turner case. For those of us privately striving to heal from abuse, instead of feeling the level of awareness rising, it can seem that there is actually less awareness of us personally. We are not public, newsworthy persons, so our experiences can seem less important.

I have a history of abuse and I regularly speak on the topic therapeutically. Still when addressing this subject privately, my past can be received as disruptive to others. There are those few friends and family that consistently address me with kind consideration. Yet, for the most part, my having been abused makes people uncomfortable. For many, it is too difficult to speak of. In polite society, I have learned that most people don’t ask, and I don’t tell. 

During these times, if you are one of the many disturbed by the Brock Turner case, consider that the person to your left and the person to your right has most likely been abused. A smile, a commitment to listen, to offer personal support, acknowledgment without judgement or opinion to a neighbor, friend, loved one, or acquaintance, sensitive due to past abuse, would be deeply appreciated. We change lives one at a time.

And to my fellows out there, still resolving the difficulty, seeking to integrate and become fully healed, I have such respect for your courage and determination. You are the gift to humanity we are needing to receive. Your passion and strength is magnificent. I am with you. I am in awe of your ability and resilience. May you find nothing but truth and the joy that is your birthright in your journey from victim to victory.


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