True Transcendence


photo credit: Santa Cruz : 2 via photopin (license) photo credit: Santa Cruz : 2 via photopin(license)

Sometimes the universe gives you a wave that’s too rough to handle and you get knocked down.  Its not personal.  It doesn’t mean you’ve lost.  It doesn’t mean you are not courageous, strong or capable.  Its just life.  And life is something to transcend.  Transcendence is getting back up, dusting off the resistance and accepting that some waves are going to rock your world.  When you are in the acceptance of that truth, you can better align yourself with the motion of the wave that is your life.  When you stop struggling, you can observe, watch for the timing, get out your board and even stand while you ride.  Experiencing that, on the crest of the wave, is a rush.  One that comes from the thrill of letting go of perceived control, and aligning with what is.  That’s true transcendence.  If it…

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