Magical Meditation


photo credit: AlicePopkorn via photopin cc photo credit: AlicePopkorn via photopincc

Meditation is magical because it promotes the building of a muscular structure that persists in continuing to correct the intellect. By asking the mind to follow a mantra and come to rest, insisting on that for twenty minutes a day, allows you to see mind as issuing mind thought. During the twenty minutes that you close your eyes, your mind will want nothing else but to direct your life experience by issuing mind thought after mind thought, like a disobedient child. Yet, every time you effortlessly direct it back to the mantra you are creating a separation between yourself and mind. The muscular structure created by such continued redirection of the mind makes it possible for you to observe the mind thoughts issued as something other than the self. Being aware that you are other than the thoughts your mind issues is the beginning of great…

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