Filtered Mind Thought


photo credit: Where They Grew Up via photopin (license) photo credit: Where They Grew Up via photopin(license)

The feeling state, or fluctuation of neuropeptides, which we refer to as life, starts with a single mind thought.  Just one unfiltered, mind thought can download chemistry into the body, producing a tremendous wave of motion.  And this wave of neurochemistry surging through your system creates real feeling, often becoming a driving force, effecting how we see ourselves and others in the world.  But while this wave of chemistry is profoundly real, is it relevant? Does the mind thought serve?  What would your life be like if you were no longer willing to let unfiltered mind thought download chemistry into your perfectly precious body? What if you examined your thoughts and decided which ones were worthy of the experience you call life?  Can you imagine seeing the world through the lens of filtered mind thought, giving rise to an infusion of…

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