Indelible Light


photo credit: Otherland IV via photopin (license) photo credit: Otherland IV via photopin(license)

Without the dark there would be no contrast with which to experience our personal light.  It is the formidable darkness that presents us an opportunity to realize our light.  As we persevere we build the muscular structure to shine at will, regardless of circumstance.  Great darkness creates opportunity to illuminate and be that which we are: shining guideposts of inner freedom.  If there is an imbalance between dark and light, it is the imbalance within that would disallow the emotional, spiritual and physical planes of life to meet with the organic resistance meant to give rise to our most maximums selves.  When we accept the darkness as a natural part of this existence, we also accept its challenge.  Darkness perfects and builds our adaptation to it, which allows us to shine, more brilliantly, more assuredly and with greater capacity.  We are meant to pierce the…

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