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photo credit: White Lion Profile via photopin (license) photo credit: White Lion Profile via photopin(license)

In an effort to raise awareness, we are subjected to visuals of brutality and violence.  While these trap our attention the graphic nature sends the body into alert.  We experience fear.  When in a full download of fight, fright or flight it becomes impossible to learn, adapt, or evolve.  Due to the violent nature of the presentation, the body can suffer grief which leads to despair and hopelessness.  We are being distracted by futility instead of being inspired by possibility.   Much more compelling and effective are the images of healthy interaction between man/woman and the world.  What if we insisted on showing that which is purposeful, interactive and restorative to other and ourselves?  What if we concentrate on all that is wondrous, sensitive, bountiful and giving?  What if we focus on healing and solution?  What if the imagery we present is…

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