In the Giving


photo credit: VinothChandar via photopin cc photo credit: VinothChandar via photopincc

When you believe that you are in need, you allow the energy of need to come in.  This energy of need fills your event horizon, a space which would otherwise be open to the inflowing of desire.  But because the space is filled with neediness, it becomes impossible to receive, or allow that which you desire to manifest. There is no room.  So, when  you are filled with need, you are disallowing that which you need.

Yet, when you are looking outward, creating and expanding that which you want to give, or that which you want to allow into your event horizon, you are creating an opening.  You are telling the universe that you are ready to receive.  You are signaling receptivity, because in the giving, you also usher in, the receiving.  The energies work in tandem.  When you find yourself in love with…

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