The Light of Circumstance


photo credit: Beach Sunset via photopin (license) photo credit: Beach Sunset via photopin(license)

Thoughts are a form of matter that increase as they are consistently issued.  Thoughts that we think often therefore, expand in frequency, velocity and impact.  The chemical download they inspire can be powerful.  If the thoughts are negative, we will experience anxiety, frustration, disappointment, self-loathing, guilt, shame, depression or fear.  Negative thoughts, such as self-criticism, guilt, shame, blame, anger, hatred and scorn can create an enduring negative experience.  And while it may seem reasonable, negativity inflicts harm to the receiver, physically and emotionally.  And too, the chemical download of fear actually brings lack of clarity and compels one to stop all motion.  Yet, in order to remain evolutionarily relevant, there must be motion, there must be change.

Positive thought, used as a tool, uplifts, helps one to observe solution in times of struggle, and allows the body to repair mentally, emotionally, and spiritually…

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