Create a Riverbed


photo credit: SergioTudela via photopin cc photo credit: SergioTudela via photopincc

You are your word.  That is your life.  We are manifestors, creationists, word becoming deed, energy becoming motion, becoming life. That which spins in your head, finds expression, becomes the gravitational pull of the universe you are creating in thought, word and deed.  So much mind thought!  Drop into your heart, speak from there and the world changes.  It changes.  Miraculous, simple, like water, moving, like seedlings pressing through soil, springing up, pale lemon to deep green, color of heart, as above, so below, abundance.  So when you speak, because you are your word, your world thought, express from your heart, from source.  Change your life, create a riverbed, a forest, be your word.  Be love.

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