No Belief Greater


photo credit: Alex E. Proimos via photopin cc photo credit: Alex E. Proimos via photopincc

There are beliefs that make you happy, beliefs that fill you with gratitude.  Some offer dread, others relief.  There are entire systems built around one belief, extending, expanding into nations, statehoods, whole regions of man, diminishing and empowering.  Each stemming from a notion, an idea, mind thought, not unlike, solution.  But without the resolve, without the knowing that there is no belief greater than that of the practice of believing itself, it cannot serve.  Because it is the believing which holds the power, the believing, be living, that reflects itself back.  Your humanity, your believability, the ability to believe, is creating that in self.  When you are believing, be living, and you have come to the end of beliefs, knowing, now-ing, it was never about the identification of self, but the dis-identification of self then each belief, which does not serve, leads…

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