photo credit: abhiomkar via photopin cc photo credit: abhiomkar via photopincc

When you ask yourself if you’re happy the answer is usually NO. But when you stop taking your emotional temperature, be of service, lose the self, ego, go beyond mind and tell someone they’re valued, show them you care, grow their self worth, then hold still, there’s happy.  And happiness is a state of awareness.  So more happiness (more service to other, valuing other, holding space for other) is more awareness and because awareness begets awareness, there is more, and still more, until your eyes (because you have begun to see reflected back in those of other that you are making a difference presently by bringing the gift of self), full like the ocean, blink a flood of happiness, a tidal wave of joy, like crazy grace.  You’re changing the world one ‘More Love’ sign, one smile, one ordinary miracle at a time.  Now…

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