The Action of Love


photo credit: Donkey Sanctuary Press Images via photopin cc photo credit: Donkey Sanctuary Press Images via photopincc

What if you were everything? Not the mind’s idea of everything, but really everything. All health, all patience, compassion, reverence, tolerance, creativity, inspiration and love? Going beyond dis-ease, seeing solution, (all solution), being patient while making a fuss, compassionate (not pitying) in holding space, reverent by affirming Divine Pride, tolerant, (not resentful or covertly hostile), but releasing judgment and opinion, and creative, truly creative, which is painful, yearning, birthing from risk, that if you are inspired, becoming inspiration for other, you will motivate from anger, pride, patience, reverence, intolerance, pity, compassion, all possible stimulation. Because love, which is all of these, is not an idea, or a feeling, it’s an action including anything and everything that gets the job done, sometimes the action you least expect, (expectation being an appointment for disappointment). So what if you were integral to and truly…

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