The Breadth of Your Heart


photo credit: write_adam via photopin cc photo credit: write_adam via photopincc

As you are transcending, ascending and descending, spiraling up or spiraling down, (and by that I mean that you are pushing roots down deeper into earth, fortifying foundation that you might rise to greater heights), as you are seeing, perceiving greater periphery at each level of this process, (the process we call life), you will find that your capacity, because you are expanding, holds greater depth, greater clarity while at the same time your astral and even causal access is unbounded. If you are to guide this ship, the flight you are taking, must right itself, accessing attitude, using the muscle of compassion (not pity, but true commitment to other’s experiential) which renders travel limitless. Because you are feeling more deeply, seeing more clearly, despite your inability to relate to other in the micro-Kosmos, when you are experiencing Family Expanding in the macro-Kosmos you…

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