Emitting Signal


photo credit: -Reji via photopin cc photo credit: -Reji via photopincc

After the heart is removed from the body, it continues to beat.   Completely severed from all other organs, it pumps, like a true metaphysical warrior, a matrix of being, elemental, primal, muscular structure, continues beating, pulsing, emitting signal, life.  Unimaginable.  True.  (The brain stops firing.  The almighty mind, without the body as host, stops issuing mind thought, all synaptic functioning ends.)  But the heart, after death, as if there is no death, continues to pump, express, that which is deeply rooted, that which must be born again and again with each pulse.  Love.  Each beat, never ending, your heart, mine, born to cry out, resonate, create a continuous wave in this life and beyond, beyond the veil, beyond this physical plane into the next, astral, causal. Love. Love. Love.

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