That Something is Love


photo credit: alexcoitus via photopin cc
photo credit: alexcoitus via photopincc

When you are Practicing this Practice, which I am calling The Practice of More Love, you will most likely be asking what will I get out of it, what will I gain from practicing this More Love? And I am telling you that you will not gain a thing. You will Lose Everything. I am promising to you that you will Lose Everything. Self-Importance and Self-Pity, Judgment, Opinion, Beliefs that Do Not Serve, Self-Criticism, Ego and Mind will fade into the backdrop of the foreground of your life, becoming no longer evolutionarily relevant. You will lose all of it. And in losing everything, you will find there is Space, and begin to engage in growing the Muscular Structure to hold that Space, for yourself and other, allowing it to be just as it is supposed to be, Void of All Thing but Space. And…

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