Bathe in the Knowingness

Nature doesn’t give its’ power away. And because you are nature, you are empowered. It’s you. You are the power, nature, holding the mirror to itself and reflecting you back. That powerful nature you see, is you, moving through cause, that which we call the life experience. Worship, adore, humble yourself in the awareness that you are the God Consciousness, the Unified Field, Totality within, and without. Nature’s power, which is natural to you, as it is in all of nature, is nature’s divine gift in and to you. You are therefore, immutable, limitless, the essence of extreme beauty and vibrant life. Your being is the purpose, the outcome, and the glory of existence in this physical plane. Love yourself, bathe in the knowingness, the being-ness of you. You are nature. You are power. You are love.

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