Commitment to Sky


The world, medicine wheel, a tree, flower, bird’s nest, the moon, sun, the circle of life, eternal, organic.  All round.  We humans live in boxes.  Definition, square, right angles, mind, the merest idea of experience and protracted concept of living.  Not life, but the mind’s idea of it.  Creation, motion, the motion of being, is circular, coming back unto itself, reflecting joy, tracing the pattern of nature, round and round, again and again.  Life affirming life.  In order to truly live, you must eject self from the box, run toward the wall, pole in hand.  And in the arc, the roundness of movement created, become one again with nature, the flow, the circular motion.  The very commitment to sky, the shift in alignment, paradigm, the curve of energy, the throwing of self over the wall, causes you to get your life.  Risk it all.  Vault.

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