There is no death. No dying. The body suit, yes, has its expiration date. But that which we are, being-ness, totally granted, is arrival, now, destination, beyond. We see so little. There are veils, enchantments, glams, keeping us in a continuum we call time and space. Past that, past the known, is life, our life, essence, whole-ness existing in and after life, death of self, total, total creationism, manifestation. Seeing. Deep, deep knowing. Consciousness of all of it. The vibration of that, that alignment with source is beginning, essence, pre-conception of you, of love.

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    1. Adrienne Alexander Post author

      I am certainly glad that you ended up here and I do hope that you continue to find inspiration in what I have written. Thank you so much for your comments. I very much appreciate it.


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