Distract the Distraction

Much of what mind issues, due to its primal nature, is fear-based.  This can be evidenced by persistent, negative mind thoughts, that have nothing to do with present circumstance.  You might hear things like, ‘Whatever it is, don’t.  Its never going to work out.  This is silly.  You should stay home.  Wow, you really screwed up this one.  You and your schemes are ridiculous.  You’ve humiliated yourself again.’

Instead of entertaining the musing of your primal-based, reptilian brain, why not do something else?  Call a friend.  Blow bubbles.  Count gerbils.  Step away from the mind thought.  Your mind thought is distracting, detracting from an otherwise perfectly wonderful life experience.  Practice selective hearing.  Don’t let mind get in the way of your true purpose.  Your life, your worthiness, that’s the point of focus.  Mind is the distraction.  If you want your life, distract the distraction.

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