The Perfect Imperfection

The mind cannot see the soul, being, spirit, essence, intuition, feel the cravings of unlimited expansion, transcendence of idea, ontological presence, visceral download of magic, the magic which is you, your life, your vibration, consciousness, growth, longing, mystical, psychic you. Useful little thing, but narcissistic, claiming to run the world. Mind doesn’t. It makes lists, learns facts, remembers phone numbers, how to log on, reminds (re-mind, creating suffering again and again) you of past fear, PAST fear. But the heart, source, core, universe, creation, elemental, experiential root of our existence, passion giving rise to greater life, is love, the belief (be live) in self, the ‘I am enough’ greatness, the perfect imperfection of ourselves on this physical plane of action. Love.

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