Love Comes From An Infinite Well

photo credit: menteblu61 via photopin cc

‘Each of us has the power to enact a program of love that is relevant and true. Each of us has the power to create love in our lives that renders an overall positive result. We have this power because love is within each of us. Relevant and true love comprises our cellular structure. Our very lives begin with the attraction and attachment of two cells. The original attraction and attachment merges and proliferates to become the 30 trillion cells that make up the human body. It might be said therefore, that attraction, attachment, or love, is responsible for our lives. That each of us possesses 30 trillion witness of love, endorses love as a most precious resource. With 7+ billion on this planet and growing, times 30 trillion cells, it might also be said that the love is infinite. As we merge and proliferate, it would seem that love comes from an infinite well.’ ~Excerpt from the upcoming book Mind Matters by Adrienne Alexander

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