You are the World

In this country we love our autonomy. We enjoy the personal freedom of self-governance. We feel strongly about our right to make choices of our own volition. We defend our civil liberties and feel it is our prerogative to behave, feel, and think as we do. It could be said that we love our autonomy to the degree that it has become entitlement. We feel entitled to behave and think as we do regardless of the overall result. Yet self-governance in it’s purest form implies an understanding of the consequences of our actions for ourselves, and for others. Implicit in the tenants of self-governance is our interconnectivity and dependence within our community, our country, and now most certainly, our world. Indeed, in this now, it is imperative that as we self-govern our behaviors, our emotions, and our thinking, we maintain a balance between serving ourselves and serving others. For, pure self-governing, pure autonomy is only as good as the intention it serves. During this crucial time, it becomes important to ascertain our intention. Is our autonomy pure? Is it balanced? Are we accountable? Do we know that what we do, feel, and think affects the totality of the self and others physically, emotionally and spiritually? During this time of pandemic challenge, are we vested in the realm of the divine global cooperative enterprise that has been thrust upon us? Are we responsible, (able to respond), to the challenge and privilege of our autonomy? For as an autonomous, self-governed, interconnected, and responsible being, you are the greatest gift you offer. As you are one, you are all. What you do, feel, and think affects the world.  Now more than ever, you are the world.  You are the hope and you are the outcome.

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