The Nose of a True Warrior


photo credit: Photomatt28 via photopin cc photo credit: Photomatt28 via photopincc

Baby elephants are like people, they flap their ears when they are afraid, hoping their enemy will see them as a formidable challenge, and flee. But we, like animals have instinct, and given the primal urge to survive, protect territory, must observe, get to know our prey’s habits, noting that the ears flapping is not a strength but weakness, revealed. The baby elephant doesn’t flap it’s ears because it is large, it flaps because it is afraid it is small. The smell of fear in the air, in the nose of a true warrior, means there is no challenge, except F.E.A.R., (false evidence appearing real). So when your friends, loved ones, important others are flapping, know in the primal, emotional, physical and metaphysical world, you have encountered one who is vulnerable, one who is afraid and because you are a metaphysical warrior, proceed with…

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