Build a Better Motherboard



The mind, a mass of synapses, connective tissue, transferring, translating, bundling messages through information circuitry, like units of energy, that parallel, cross, undercut, overarc become a highway of intricacy.  Supposed intelligence.  Primal, really.  The reptilian brain, like that of our ancestors, similar thoughts, grouping together for warmth, survival.  When you examine the system, inside the circuit tray you find bytes, like ‘I never do it right,’ ‘It has to be perfect,’ ‘No one sees me,’ ‘I’ll never be any good,’ or ‘My life is so hard,’ and you decide that particular thought form no longer serves.  If you pull it out, the entire structure predicated on that program is compromised.  The system goes into alert and you find yourself reeling.  Perfect.  Full Out Panic.  F.E.A.R. (Fuck Everything And Run, actually, False Evidence Appearing Real), the relay system, redefining itself, finding new connections, rewiring, sounds the alarm; red lights and blare…

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