In the ‘I don’t know’


Beach at St. Raphael, Marseilles, France Plage Napolean, South of France

Sitting in ‘I don’t know’ observing from the nothingness, no-thing-ness of what we call ‘charm’ or ‘source’, as the brain fires and the synaptic impulse issues thought form, mind thought, responding to each wave of circuitry with ‘I don’t know’, eventually humbles the soul, stops the think, the thought, mind thought, mind fart, poo gas, from seeing itself as real, allowing you to realize (real eyes) from the space of the unknown, (which is true knowing), that holding space (not knowing), for self and other, is the ultimate humbleness and immaculate life form of the reliable witness. From there, and only from there, from the ‘I don’t know’ comes true knowing. In the absence of need, attachment to outcome, to knowing any-thing, is desire, the desire to sire, birth devastatingly pure knowing, because it is from the unknown, (beyond mind, beyond ego, and therefore source)…

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