Spirit You Are All


photo credit: faith goble via photopin cc photo credit: faith goble via photopincc

When you ask, listen, truly lean in and hear other, hold the space, allow the telling of another’s experiential, give the gift of self, then you are being a Reliable Witness. Reliable can only happen within the realization (real eyes nation) of awareness that in the release of mind, ego, need for outcome (which presupposes manipulation; the ‘get him to’) you become able to remain still, quiet enough for Witness to observe and in that stillness, not only usher in the essence, the soul, the sweet spirit of other, but create charm, that such a meeting would endure (become Reliable) and create itself again and again. In perpetrating Reliable Witness with intent, you change, morph, from this cultural, (cult you are all) to the ultimate and indelible spiritual (spirit you are all).

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