Send Rainbows


photo credit: Jason A. Samfield via photopin cc photo credit: Jason A. Samfield via photopincc

If you’re really playing the game, Mind will hide Mind Thought by dumping the chemistry of feeling, around the back, soundlessly, noiselessly issuing Mind Thought, so that the fog rolls in. And even though Mind Thought is silent, you feel yourself sinking. All around you the humor (sarcasm: the ripping of flesh) feels like pain. You’re sensitive. You are. Very sensitive. That’s a good thing. Feel the energy of that. The possibility of being raw, open, available to the sensate and the sweetness, pure vibration, so-good-you-get-high-feeling when you commit to it, beyond Mind, beyond opinion and judgment. Push deep inside, where it’s safe, vulnerable or not, squarely inside your heart, wrap yourself with the cloak of acceptance, protect against the cultural (cult you are all) and from there, right from there, Send Rainbows. Keep sending them, until you see them arc the…

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