Growing Roses


photo credit: _Zahira_ via photopin cc photo credit: _Zahira_ via photopincc

If you are watering the weeds and wondering why the roses are dying, picking through the garbage when you know its trash, then the lesson that you are getting, aware or not, is that what you put your attention on grows, expands, becoming life-sized. So, if you put your attention on the self, watch you, become the observer observing the observation, no opinion, no judgment or lies, but deeper, truly seeing what you water, so like the Alice in Wonderland of Roses, growing ten feet tall, you get the teaching, the lesson (less on it), you’ll stop watering the weeds and put everything you’ve got on love, your life, the people in it and the miracles that bloom, inside and out, allowing you to grow like the roses all around you, wherever you go.

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