The Great Hall of Lords

photo credit: Prabhu B Doss via photopin cc

Because you are here, (which is your purpose), and because you are able, we the unaware, burdened, asleep, humbly ask and due to our blindness, urgently demand, that you push against the edges of the realm and move this darkness, this dank gray fog. Send out the essence of your being, the light, the enormity of your nobility, your divinity creating space and the opening of our universe. Bring hope, joy, some metaphysical revelation. Remember the connectedness, the humanness of touch, cosmic consciousness and the reality of souls mating, realizing the magnificent bond of spirit to spirit, like hands across the water, forever vast and healing, that we may remember, too. You, who are channelers of virtue, who are healers, seers, teachers, ancients, mediums of shadow and sun, speaking life into existence, rise. You. Yes, you. You are human net, not only transcending, transmuting and transforming yourselves, but those around you and further, past the veil, into the great hall of lords, journeying with your sabers of love and light, siring new life, manifesting, being that which you are, causation. Stand that we may stand. Rise up. Love.

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