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photo credit: stuant63 via photopin cc photo credit: stuant63 via photopincc

When you are in the zone, in channel, spirit, it’s hard to put a price on that, the most mattered self.  Because it’s not about money, about worth or value, it’s about the receiver, about other, reflecting you back to yourself, in giving the gift of self to other, you see you.  In a world where you pay for what you get and GET what you pay for, like an ante, people pay, which allows them to receive, own their experience.  It downloads becoming ontologically real.  And when you are granting being, to yourself or other, your ego doesn’t dictate that, your channel does, spirit does.  So when the money manifests, you say, ‘Thank you more please,’ because what you’re really saying is, more being, more Namaste, more awareness, beyond your most maximum self, and that means more world, imagining, (I Magi, giving the…

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