No Other


photo credit: jasoneppink via photopin cc photo credit: jasoneppink via photopincc

We are element, earth, wind, fire, ether, every particle that exists in rock, flame, sand, star, crustacean, exists in us.  There is no other, no chaos, no conflict, no separation between you, me, tree, flower, sky, hawk, country, state, universe.  Except in mind.  Individual: root word: INDIVISIBLE.  One system, one heart, indivisible self, people, events, only here, now, my reflection, seeing you, me, all.  Listen, ear to the conch shell, hear the shruti, pounding of your heart, rhythm of totality, inside and out. You are the power within and without.  You are love abounding and back again.  Love in all things.  You.

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