On the Precipice of Total Being-ness


photo credit: almostsummersky via photopin cc photo credit: almostsummersky via photopincc

A working (something that works for you) belief system, (be life system) must include the willingness to disbelieve (be not life system).  When you sit in ‘I don’t know’ until your ego, mind, thinking, is humbled, stops, from that space, the unknown becomes known.  Only in the absence of, the transcending of the transcending, does totality, the universe finding space, rush in.  Then life, being as it is, all thing and no thing, on the precipice of not being and total being-ness, situates in source. In risking the loss of your most maximum self, daring disbelief, (be not life system) you now have the choice to believe, (be life), and the purity of that intention (because it is impelling, not obligatory), is love, is life.

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